Fully Engineered / Request for Quote Form
1. Contractor Information

Company Name:


City / State / Zip:

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:

Email Address:

2. Project Manager/Point of Contact


Office Phone:

Cell Phone:

Email Address:

3. Field Contact


Cell Phone:

Email Address:

4. Project Information


Delivery Address (Street):


Should we contact Field Rep prior to scheduling deliveries?

5. The edition of NEC that we need to follow:

6. Power Prefab utilizes type MCI-A cable (type MC when requested), adjustable (3/4” – 1-1/4”) plaster rings, and Wago brand push in wire connectors. Are these materials acceptable per plans, specifications and the AHJ?

By answering “yes,” you have received approved product submittals from the project engineer and/or you accept full responsibility that their use will be acceptable to all 3rd parties involved with the design, construction and inspection of this project.

7. Please indicate the style of receptacle, ground orientation, and style of switch that is to be used:


Device Grade:

Ground Orientation:

Switch Style:

8. What color are the devices to be?

9. Do the receptacles/GFCI need to be tamper proof?

10. If you have an FTP site we can retrieve documents from please provide the following (otherwise we will provide you with a dropbox in which to place your documents):

Web Address:

User Name:


11. We need access to the following documents:

Electrical Drawings - Date and Revision (if any):

Architectual Drawings - Date and Revision (if any):

Written Specifications - Date:

Project schedule – Please attach required delivery date(s) of product/system. We need to know which specific floors/areas are needed and the required delivery dates to your project site. We recognize these dates may be adjusted due to project schedule changes and we will work with you to ensure deliveries accommodate your company’s requirements.

12: Do you require a mock up room to be built and delivered prior to the arrival of your product?

13. By signing and dating below, you acknowledge the following:

a. Power Prefab has designed a custom engineered and fabricated product system. Contractor acknowledges that there may be unforeseen issues that arise on the job and may require field adjustment and/or modification. Such modifications will be performed by Contractor’s field crew at no charge to Power Prefab.

b. Power Prefab has used the Electrical Drawings provided by the Contractor as the primary design criteria as they pertain to circuitry, wiring devices, quantity of openings (switches, receptacles, lights etc.). Any other drawings provided to Power Prefab will be used solely for the purposes of determining dimensions (e.g. length of cable per box), wall and ceiling type, and other constructability issues. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to confirm installation meets job requirements.

c. Contractor will immediately notify Power Prefab of any revisions to the required documents. If revised drawings are issued after Power Prefab has begun the engineering process, but prior to prefabrication, the Contractor understands that they may be subject to added engineering costs. If revised drawings/specifications are issued after prefabrication begins, then Contractor understands that many modifications may need to be made in the field; if product has not yet shipped, but has been fabricated, Contractor understands Power Prefab can make changes at an additional cost. Power Prefab will strive to make changes to product not yet fabricated if design changes are communicated in a timely manner. Contractor understands additional costs may incur if there are changes to the scope of the project because of design changes.



Please use the following space to provide any additional information you feel may be useful for Power Prefab to engineer and fabricate this project so it will be tailored to your needs.